EMC Clariion : Restart Navisphere Agent on Host side

Restarting Navisphere Agent is as simple as first stopping the Agent process and then starting the Agent process.  (There is no separate "restart" option.)  This can be accomplished from the command line on UNIX operating systems, or from the SERVICES utility on Windows OSs:

From Sun Solaris:
/etc/init.d/agent stop
/etc/init.d/agent start

/etc/rc.agent stop
/etc/rc.agent start


From HP-UX:
/sbin/init.d/agent stop
/sbin/init.d/agent start

From Linux:
/etc/init.d/naviagent stop
/etc/init.d/naviagent start

From Novell NetWare:
load sys:\emc\agent\navagent -f sys:\emc\agent\agent.cfg
unload navagent

From Windows:
Go to "Services" (located in different locations depending on the version of Windows, but typically found under "Computer Management") and find "Navisphere Agent."

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