EMC VMAX Customer Executable Health Check Tool

VMAX Customer Executable Health Check Tool provides a real-time update on key hardware system tests. This tool is available to all VMAX customers with Enginuity 5875 code (or higher) and Unisphere for VMAX version 1.5.1 (or higher).

Health Check Tests

Health check performs the following tests:-
  • Vault State Test  - Verifies the ability of the system to save data in case of a power failure.
  • Spare Drive Test  - Verifies that spare drives are available in case of a drive failure.
  • Memory Test - Verifies that the memory is reporting no errors or disabled banks.
  • Locks Test - Verifies that there are no software locks present.
  • Emulations Test - Verifies that all directors are loaded with the same Enginuity release as that on the service processor.
  • RDF Test - Verifies that all SRDF links are online.
  • Environmental Test - Verifies that internal environmental components (power supplies, fans, batteries, etc.) are reporting no errors.
  • Battery Test - Verifies that the most-recent battery test reported no errors.
  • General Tests - Checks for any abnormal conditions in the following areas: volume status, director status, hung upgrade, code table integrity, directors running same code. 

Key Customer Benefits
  • Gives you the power of EMC technical service experts.
  • Fast results with clear status updates.
  • Proactively monitor key hardware checks.

When should you run the health check tool?
  • Part of your daily routine.
  • Before and after scheduled configuration changes/storage provisioning.
  • If you or your customers are experiencing system (storage) issues.
  • Before and after EMC performs a system upgrade (e.g. microcode or hardware).

Technical Requirements
  • VMAX Enginuity 5875 or higher
  • Unisphere for VMAX 1.5.1 or higher
  • Login to Unisphere as an Administrator or Storage Admin.
(For optimal system functionality, we recommend customers upgrade to the newest releases of Enginuity code & Unisphere for VMAX.)

Steps to perform a health check on a Symmetrix system

1). Log into Unisphere as Administartor or Storage Admin.

2). Select a Symmetrix system.

3). Select System > Dashboard to open the system Dashboard. 

4). Click Health Check.
     (The Health Check view opens displaying results of previously run health checks, if any.)

5). Click Run. 

6). Determine the health of the Symmetrix system by examining the Status of Last Run and Log Details fields.

When Health Check Fails (indicated by a red “X” symbol)
  • Check “Alerts” to see if the failed test has a resolution already in progress.
  • If there are no matching alerts, open a Service Request with EMC Customer Service.

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