Two Wheeler Ownership Transfer Procedures in Bangalore

1.    Take the ‘B-Register Extract from’. (This is required only when the buyer address falls under different RTO). (‘B-Register Extract from’ is an extract of the B register maintained in the office where the registration details, ownership details and tax paid details are recorded. An extract showing the latest details are issued to the applicant. An application on plain paper along with a prescribed fee of Rs. 10/- (payable at R.T.O. Cash counter) mentioning the vehicle number and purpose for which the extract is required shall be made to obtain B extract. The B-extract will be delivered on the same day. You can also get this form from ‘BangloreOne’ Centers by paying Rs.18/-)

2.     Buy an ‘Ownership Transfer Booklet’ with all required forms. It is available near all RTO offices or download necessary forms from

3.     Take signatures from the seller at all required places. In the booklet it is marked where all to put signatures. Buyer also put signatures only on Form 30 at required places.

4.      Fill all the forms.

5.      Visit the RTO office where the buyer's address falls in their jurisdiction.

6.      Arrange ‘Ownership Transfer Booklet’ with all the below documents in order:
-         Rs.35/- (Transfer Fee) + Rs.200/- (Smart Card Fee) i.e. total of Rs.235/- paid receipt (attach including the copy)
-         4 Photos (Buyer’s) in a small plastic envelope
-         Form 29 (Filled) (2 Copies)
-         Form 30 (Filled)
-         Original RC book (go with copy of this so that you will get it as acknowledgment with RTO office seal)
-         Copy of Tax paid card with up-to-date tax paid proof.
-         Emission Certificate Copy
-         Insurance Certificate Copy
-         Address Proof of Buyer as per rule 4 of CMV rules (BSNL bill may not be accepted. Passport/ Ration Card/ Electricity Bill should be fine, if the buyer’s name and address is there. If the buyer is having only rented home agreement, then he needs an affidavit on 20Rs stamp paper from Notary + Letter from your company HR to RTO stating your residential address)
-         Buyer’s self-addressed Courier Envelope with 17Rs. stamps affixed on it for Local Speed Post. You will get this near all RTO office.

7.      Submit all the above documents to officer at RTO. He will check and put his signature. Pay the prescribed amount (i.e. Rs. 235/-). Submit all your documents to the clerk, he will give you acknowledgement receipt with RTO official seal (In some RTO’s will sign the photocopy of RC with seal and given to you as an acknowledgement).

8.     After 1 week, you should receive RC book/Smart card by post with your name and address in it.

 Procedure at Insurance Office
  1. Within 2 weeks of receiving RC book from RTO, visit Insurance office with original   insurance document, your address proof, 2 photos, RC book and your vehicle (for inspection).
  2. Pay Rs.50/- for change of ownership. Take receipt for the same.
  3. Take the insurance paper in original on your name in 10 minutes.

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