Easily Spell Any Complex Name On The Phone

Generally when we talk on the phone with any customer support they ask our name, sometimes it happens that they ask us to spell it.

For instance I have called to Flipkart to order some stuffs.

"Support: Thank you for calling Flipkart, how can I help you?
Me: I want to order … these two books
Support: Can I please have your first and last name
Me: Cibin Varghese

Support: can you please spell it for me
Me: ‘C’ for cat, ‘I’ for Ink, ‘B’ for Boy, ‘I’ for hmmm…"


So while telling the name or street address sometime becomes hard to understand over the phone especially when those are complex names. So there is a tool by 'Pradeep Gowda' where you can simply enter any word or phrase and it will give you words for each alphabet.

Here is the website : http://v1.pradeepgowda.com/phonetic-spelling/

For instance, for my name (Cibin Varghese) it would be something like “Charlie, India, Bravo, India, November” | “Victor, Alpha, Romeo, Golf, Hotel, Echo, Sierra, Echo”.

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