EMC VMAX Storage Provisioning using CLI

Consider following examples:-

Symmetrix ID  =  1234
Devices = AAA:AAB
Initiator WWN = 1000000000000111, 1000000000000112
Ports = 7g:0, 10g:0
Thin Pool = THIN_SATA

1. Create devices

For Normal Devices:-
create dev count=2, size=18414, data_member_count=3, config=RAID-5, disk_group=3, emulation=fba, dynamic_capability=dyn_rdf;

For Thin Devices:-
create dev count=2, size=546133 cyl, emulation=fba, config=tdev, binding to pool THIN_SATA;

Here, we are going ahead with creating only thin devices. We have created devices AAA:AAB here.

2. Create Initiator Group

symaccess -sid 1234 -name CORALHOST_IG -type initiator create
symaccess -sid 1234 -name CORALHOST_IG -type initiator -wwn 1000000000000111 add
symaccess -sid 1234 -name CORALHOST_IG -type initiator -wwn 1000000000000112 add

3. Create Port Group

symaccess -sid 1234 -type port -name SOBOSAN1234_07G0_10G0 -dirport 7g:0,10g:0 create

4. Create Storage Group

Use the devices that we created above (e.g. AAA:AAB)

symaccess -sid 1234 -type storage -name CORALHOST_SG create devs AAA:AAB

5. Create Masking View

symaccess -sid 1234 create view -name CORALHOST -sg CORALHOST_SG -ig CORALHOST_IG -pg SOBOSAN1234_07G0_10G0

Now you all set!!!

You can verify your allocations using following commands:-

symaccess -sid 1234 show view CORALHOST
symaccess -sid 1234 show CORALHOST_SG -type storage / symsg -sid 1234 show CORALHOST_SG   
symaccess -sid 1234 show CORALHOST_IG -type initiator
symaccess -sid 1234 show SOBOSAN1234_07G0_10G0 -type port

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