Allow Multiple Users Access to Your Gmail Account

For most of us, our email accounts
are private communication tools we would never dream of sharing with anyone else. But, in the business world, email addresses are often part of corporate branding, so it is not uncommon for several employees to answer client emails from the same account.

Gmail announced a new feature this week: the option to allow other people to access your Gmail account. While this may sound creepy on a personal level, for small Web entrepreneurs, this feature could be quite beneficial.


Google is quick to say they have been offering this option to Google Aps users for awhile. Even more, the feature is not unlike an exceptionally old option that allows users to send email on behalf of any other approved email address.

To start using this service, click settings at the top of the Gmail screen.


Next, click the Accounts tab.


Scroll until you see the Grant Access to Your Account option near the bottom of the page. Click Add another account.

grant access

A popup window will ask you to enter the Google account for the person to whom you wish to grant access. If the person does not have a Google account, they must create one before you can grant him access. Enter the person’s email address and click next.


The next screen tells that you are about to give someone else access to your account and they must accept access. It also tells that you can revoke access later. Click Send Email to Grant Access.


Once the person accepts, they can switch to your email any time by clicking a dropdown menu where the current account name is displayed at the top of the page. Email sent this way will be labeled sent on behalf of with their Gmail address displayed alongside yours.


Granting access to your account only gives the other person access to your inbox to read and send messages. They cannot change your password or settings, and you can revoke the privilege at any time.
Gmail is calling this feature Email Delegation in its press releases, but besides allowing other people access to your account, this feature could make it easier to maintain your own multiple Gmail accounts without logging in and out of Google all day—just link your Google accounts in the same method.

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