August 17, 2011

Call free to any mobile using Yahoo or Skype

Call free to any mobile using Yahoo Messenger or Skype, its working I have tested it.

Follow the steps:-
1. Dial the number +18003733411 using Yahoo Messenger, Skype or any other means.

2. When the IVR gives you options like business, residential, weather etc. say "Free Call"(its a voice command so make sure that your microphone is working. Test it with sound recorder first.

3. When the IVR says "Please dial a phone number" then dial #91 and Ten digit Indian mobile number or any phone number around the world. Don't forget # and country code.

Thats it!!! You can chat for 5 min. After that your will automatically stop. You can repeat the procedure any number of times. i.e. There is no limit. The biggest drawback of this service is that in step 3 it will be busy most of the time. Enjoy free calling from your computer to phone.

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