Keyword Filtering With ISA Server 2004/2006

Before we go on, be informed that the following procedure only applies on Allow Rules , as you already know, there is no
Configure HTTP with a Deny Rule
  1. Right click the Allow HTTP rule that you want to apply the keyword filtering on > Click on Configure HTTP
  2. Click on the Signature Tab > Click on the Add button to add a new filtering pattern
  3. Specify a name for the new signature , in this example I will call it Sex Keyword
  4. In the Description Textbox, enter a brief description about the purpose of this signature
  5. In the Search In, choose Request URL
  6. Inside the Signature TextArea box, enter the Keyword that you wish to block, in this example will type sex > Click OK > OK

  7. now lets repeat steps from 1 - 6, but this time for another signature, which is proxy for example
  8. After you have repeated steps from 1 to 6, the created signature will look like this :

  9. So in total now we have two signatures created on the Allow rule, as shown in the following image

  10. Do not forget to click the Apply button

  11. Now lets try our Signatures, open your browser and try to surf to and check what is the result, also go to and in the search box, enter the word sex and check the result ..... Cool right ?

    How about if you tried to go to any site that has the word proxy in it, for example , and even going to any search engine and tried to search for a proxy lists sites, or sites that bypass proxy, and tried to search with the word proxy..... Yah now its more clear how this method is a life saver.

Being able to accomplish simple tasks without the need to purchase a 3rd party application is one of the preferred methods for any ISA

Server Administrator. Key Words Filtering is one of the highly requests for most ISA Server administrators.

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