December 19, 2007

Windows Server 2003 - Remote Computing

You can remotely change the Computer Description as follows. You must have administrative rights to the computers you wish to connect to and modify:
  1. Log into a server or WinXP computer with an account that has permissions to perform such a request.
  2. Right-click MY COMPUTER.
  3. Choose MANAGE.
  4. Right-click the COMPUTER MANAGEMENT (LOCAL).


  6. Enter the name of the system you wish to logoff, shutdown or restart.

  7. The Computer Management window will update after establishing a connection. Once it does connect, the “(Local)” will change to the name of the system to which you connected.

  8. Right-click COMPUTER MANAGEMENT (xyz) and choose PROPERTIES.

  9. You will now be presented with information regarding the connected system.

  10. Select the COMPUTER NAME tab to change the Computer Description value.

  11. Select the ADVANCED tab to manage Performance settings, Environment settings and most significantly Startup and Recovery settings from where you will be able to invoke the logoff, shutdown or restart.

  12. Click the SETTINGS button under Startup and Recovery, to prepare for logoff, shutdown or restart.

  13. Click the SHUT DOWN button where you will be prompted for additional options.

  14. Choose the appropriate settings and click OK to invoke the command.

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